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  • [Exhibition news] 2023 Shanghai Aquatech Exhibition

    Dive into the future of aquatic technology at the highly anticipated 2023 Shanghai Aquatech Exhibition. We UMEK cordially invite you to join us at this extraordinary event where groundbreaking innovations, cutting-edge solutions, and limitless possibilities in the world of aquatic technology await.

  • [Exhibition news] Exhibition Simulation Training

    WQA Convention & Exposition 2023 will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, from April 18-20, 2023.For this reason, we have organized a professional trade show simulation. We never fight unprepared battles and we never simply deal with our customers.For this exhibition simulation, we prepared very comp

  • [Exhibition news] WQA Convention & Exposition 2023

    WQA Convention & Exposition 2023 will be held April 18-20, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.WQA Convention & Exposition 2023 is the premier exhibition and trade show showcasing water reclamation, reservoirs and irrigation.We cordially invite you to participate in our exhibition.You can also contact u

  • [Exhibition news] China Commodities Expo Nigeria 2022 Overview

    China Commodities Expo Nigeria was held as scheduled from November 8, 2022 - November 11, 2020.During the exhibition, our team members answered questions from a professional perspective for many customers and provided diverse solutions for the industry.Exhibition Overview The show was packed with ex

  • [Exhibition news] 2022 China Commodities Expo-Nigeria

    Time: 8 Nov.-11 Nov.2022Exhibition Address: Landmark Centre, Lagos, NigeriaBooth : A27-A28 We will be in Nigeria from November 6th to December 10th to prepare for the Exhibition. Looking forward to our meeting!  WeChat/WhatsApp: +86-13393211007 à Email:

  • [Exhibition news] Kenya AfripeakExpo 2022

    The three-day Kenya AfripeakExpo 2022 came to a successful conclusion on November 6, 2022. As one of the exhibitors, UMEK/Amanda had a great time at the show.We have many product application examples in Africa. For more information please read:Africa has always been an important market for our produ

  • [Exhibition news] Shanghai International Water Treatment Exhibition

    Exhibition Introduction: Shanghai International Water Treatment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: Shanghai International Water Exhibition) is a super large-scale water treatment exhibition platform in the world. As the annual feast of the water industry, the exhibition site demonstrates