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  • [Exhibition news] 2023 Shanghai Aquatech Exhibition

    Dive into the future of aquatic technology at the highly anticipated 2023 Shanghai Aquatech Exhibition. We UMEK cordially invite you to join us at this extraordinary event where groundbreaking innovations, cutting-edge solutions, and limitless possibilities in the world of aquatic technology await.

  • [Industry news] The Difference Between Pure Water and Ultrapure Water

    Pure water, also known as purified water, refers to water that meets the standard for drinking water, and is water that can be directly supplied for drinking after the source water is treated by ion exchange, reverse osmosis, distillation or other methods and then sealed and kept in a container. Yib

  • [Exhibition news] Exhibition Simulation Training

    WQA Convention & Exposition 2023 will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, from April 18-20, 2023.For this reason, we have organized a professional trade show simulation. We never fight unprepared battles and we never simply deal with our customers.For this exhibition simulation, we prepared very comp

  • [Industry news] China's private enterprises in Nigeria development status, problems and suggestions

    Nigeria, as the second largest export market and important trading partner country in Africa, has attracted many domestic private enterprises to develop in Nigeria.I. The development situation and prospects of our private enterprises in Nigeria1. Development situationAt present, the development of m

  • [Company news] 2023 Runxin Product Meeting

    On March 7, all the staff of our company attended the technical exchange meeting of RUNXIN valve products, introducing various new products of RUNXIN valve and whole house water purification and whole house water softening equipment. At the scene of the event, Mr. Tian of RUNXIN Company explained th

  • [Exhibition news] WQA Convention & Exposition 2023

    WQA Convention & Exposition 2023 will be held April 18-20, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.WQA Convention & Exposition 2023 is the premier exhibition and trade show showcasing water reclamation, reservoirs and irrigation.We cordially invite you to participate in our exhibition.You can also contact u

  • [Company news] Vontron Membrane - An Overview

    We are an agent for Vontron Membranes and have set ourselves apart from other membrane suppliers by giving our consumers a choice of higher quality reverse osmosis membranes. These highly successful membranes can provide high quality product water from any source such as surface water, tap water, we

  • [Industry news] How Often Should RO Membrane Be Replaced

    First of all, you should have a water pressure meter, you test the pressure of the waste water, if the pressure value is above 6KG, it means that the RO membrane may be blocked. Or you have a TDS or conductivity meter, you test the water quality if the TDS value of the water is very high, then the d

  • [Company news] We went to Guangzhou to visit our partners

    UMEK believes that only by getting to know our customers face to face can we continue to provide products that meet their water treatment needs. We went to Guangzhou to visit our partners.During our interaction with our customers, we not only learned more about the current trends in the water treatm

  • [Industry news] Requirements of reverse osmosis membranes for water quality

    As a new type of purely physical desalination process, reverse osmosis equipment has high requirements for feed water due to the structure, material and desalination mechanism of the reverse osmosis membrane element and other conditions.Temperature conditions between 1 and 45°C;The pH value must be

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