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UMEK at ECWATECH 2023 Russian International Water Treatment Exhibition

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On September 12, 2023, CWATECH 2023 Russian International Water Treatment Exhibition grandly opened in Moscow, attracting suppliers and buyers from all over the world


The focus of this exhibition is the Russian-speaking region. According to statistics, 90% of visitors are from the Russian-speaking region. This strong customer group provides rare business opportunities for exhibitors.


The passenger flow of the CWATECH 2023 exhibition is mainly concentrated from 11 am to 3 pm, which is also one of the busiest periods for the UMEK booth. In front of the booth, visitors stopped one after another and curiously observed UMEK's product solutions.



UMEK demonstrated control valves, commercial water purifiers, reverse osmosis membranes, filter cartridges, filter materials, etc. at this exhibition. These products have attracted many customers, who are very interested in their performance and applications.



The Russian-speaking region has always been an important market for UMEK, and the CWATECH 2023 exhibition once again proved this. For UMEK, this exhibition is another opportunity to expand more customers and channels.


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