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What Are The Benefits of Pre-treatment of RO Membrane Systems with Reverse Osmosis Scale Inhibitors?

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Why should the RO membrane system with reverse osmosis scale inhibitor be pretreated?

The purpose of pretreatment is to remove or reduce the substances in the feed water that may cause membrane contamination, scaling and damage to the permissible range of the reverse osmosis membrane system, so as to make the water yield, desalination rate, recovery rate and operating cost of reverse osmosis achieve the desired effect.

Pretreatment methods are mainly determined by the raw water quality characteristics, membrane type and reverse osmosis system recovery rate, for the raw water with complex water quality components, in order to ensure the normal operation of the system, need to carry out a small test to determine the reverse osmosis pretreatment method.

As the membrane element of the raw water suspended in the higher requirements, so commonly used a water quality by suspended contamination of water quality testing, in essence, is to determine the reverse osmosis system by the water suspended in the fouling situation, into the reverse osmosis system in the water contamination index recommended value is generally less than 3. Pre-treatment should also be considered in the influent water pH, a variety of semi-permeable membranes have their own more suitable operating pH, so you need to adjust the influent water in accordance with the requirements of the reverse osmosis membrane, and the pH is the most suitable. Reverse osmosis membrane requirements to adjust the feed water pH.

It can be seen that the reverse osmosis scale inhibitor pretreatment plays a good effect, is a reverse osmosis scale inhibitor can not be ignored in the use of the link, and in accordance with the correct method of standardized implementation, in order to achieve better results.