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Reverse Osmosis & Water Treatment in Lebanon

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On April 6, 2024, two representatives from our company, UMEK, arrived in Lebanon, a country in the Middle East known for its breathtaking landscapes.

UMEK in Lebanon

With buildings nestled on hillsides, water trucks can be seen everywhere on the streets, indicating the underdeveloped seawater desalination technology and market in Lebanon. The primary source of water is well water, which can be accessed from mountaintops to seaside areas. However, the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels vary significantly, with mountain well water exceeding 500 TDS and seaside well water exceeding 3000 TDS. In areas where drilling wells is not feasible, water is transported by tanker trucks. With the tourism industry contributing over 20% of Lebanon's economic income, every hotel and restaurant requires a substantial amount of purified water.

seawater desalination technology and market in Lebanon

After two days of client visits, we gained a deep understanding of Lebanon, not only as a beautiful port city but also as a charming tourist destination. With a Mediterranean climate, Lebanon enjoys an average temperature of over 20 degrees Celsius throughout the year, with mild winters and summers. Abundant rainfall and lush vegetation defy the typical perception of the Middle East. Dubbed as the "Paris of the Middle East," Lebanon attracts tourists from Europe and the Middle East, making it a relatively open-minded country. Visitors can enjoy the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea, explore ancient cities, and indulge in seaside strolls and cuisine.

Paris of the Middle East

Considering Lebanon's water resource situation and the tourism industry's demand for purified water, reverse osmosis membrane technology presents significant market potential. As an efficient water treatment method, reverse osmosis membranes effectively remove salts and pollutants from water, providing high-quality purified water. In Lebanon, this technology will ensure a stable and reliable water source for hotels, restaurants, and other establishments, meeting the needs of tourists and residents while injecting new vitality into the local economy.

water products in Lebanon

Therefore, it is foreseeable that in Lebanon, reverse osmosis membrane technology will become an essential means of addressing water scarcity and improving water quality, bringing a cleaner and healthier future to this beautiful and vibrant country.