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ECWATECH, 2023 Russia International Water Treatment Exhibition

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As the global water crisis continues to worsen, coupled with the impact of Japan's nuclear wastewater discharge on global water resources, the development of water treatment, wastewater treatment and environmental protection technologies has become increasingly important. Since it was first held in 1975, ECWATECH is one of the most important exhibitions in the field of water treatment and environmental protection. The exhibition is held every two years and attracts suppliers and buyers from all over the world, providing exhibitors with additional business opportunities and development avenues.ECWATECH 2023 is expected to feature more than 1,000 exhibitors.


Exhibition date and location

Exhibition Date:

September 12th (Tuesday): 10:00-18:00

September 13th (Wednesday): 10:00-18:00

September 14th (Thursday): 10.00-16:00

Exhibition location:

Moscow Klokus International Exhibition Center, Pavilion 2, Halls 7 and 8


ECWATECH 2023 covers many aspects

Municipal water treatment and supply plays a role in the lives of residents. ECWATECH offers city officials and water experts a platform to exchange the advancements, in water supply and treatment technologies ensuring that safe and clean drinking water is accessible to city dwellers.

The industrial sector has a demand for water encompassing manufacturing, energy production and various industrial processes. At the exhibition professionals from this sector will gain insights into achieving industrial water management practices, such as recycled water usage and effective treatment of wastewater.

Agriculture heavily relies on water resources. Ensuring sustainability is vital for global food security. ECWATECH will emphasize the significance of agricultural water management while exploring practices in irrigation techniques, farming methods and agricultural processing.


UMEK is excited to participate in ECWATECH

This event provides us with an opportunity to showcase the range of products and solutions:

Industrial Water Treatment Systems:UMEK will present their advanced systems designed specifically for treating industrial process waters. These systems offer purification capabilities along, with wastewater treatment solutions and circulating water systems.These systems can consist of technologies, like filters, sedimentation tanks and membrane separation.

The industrial reverse osmosis membrane is a technology utilized for filtration and water purification. UMEK has the ability to present their range of osmosis membrane products that meet the water quality demands of industrial clients.

Household reverse osmosis membranes: In addition to industrial applications, UMEK can also showcase their household reverse osmosis membrane products at exhibitions. These products are used in household water treatment systems to provide clean and safe drinking water.

Sea desalination equipment: With the increasing demand for desalination technology, UMEK can introduce their sea desalination equipment, which is used to convert seawater into fresh water that can be used for drinking water or industrial purposes.

Control valve: Control valve is an important component of water treatment system, used for monitoring and regulating flow, pressure, and water quality. UMEK's control valve products may include automated control systems to improve system efficiency and reliability.

Ion exchange resin: Ion exchange resin is a material used to remove impurities and ions from water, widely used in water softening, wastewater treatment, and water quality improvement. UMEK can showcase their ion exchange resin product line to meet the needs of different customers.


UMEK, as a company engaged in the water treatment industry since 1997, will showcase their latest technologies, products, and solutions at the ECWATECH exhibition. This will be an opportunity to showcase innovative abilities and professional knowledge, as well as a platform to understand market demand and customer feedback.

During the exhibition, the UMEK team plans to actively participate in various seminars, exhibitions, and communication activities. They will establish contacts with other industry leading enterprises, government representatives, and research institutions to explore cooperation opportunities and jointly find solutions to water treatment needs.

UMEK believes that the ECWATECH exhibition will provide us with a valuable opportunity to drive business development.We look forward to sharing their experiences with peers and experts at the exhibition and shaping the future together.

At last, UMEK sincerely invites you to visit our booth, and our booth number is NO.#8H10.