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UMEK has a perfect ending in ECWATECH 2023

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The three-day ECWATECH 2023 Russia International Water Show has come to a successful conclusion, and for the participating UMEK company, it has gained a lot and is full of inspiration.


The biggest achievement of this exhibition was that UMEK company received over a hundred customers from all over the world, and 90% of them were from Russian speaking regions. The Russian market has a high level of recognition for China's water treatment products, as Chinese manufacturing has always been highly recognized in this water treatment industry. This exhibition provides UMEK with an excellent opportunity to further enter the Russian market and showcase their products and solutions.


During the exhibition, UMEK company not only successfully attracted the attention of many customers, but also received many important orders. These orders not only demonstrate the excellence of the company's products and services, but also lay the foundation for the company's future development in the Russian market. The success of this exhibition has also strengthened UMEK's positioning in the international market. As a one-stop water treatment supplier, they will continue to strive to provide high-quality products and excellent services to meet customer needs.


However, UMEK also realized some issues during the exhibition that need to be addressed to ensure future success. Firstly, the certificate issue in Russia remains a challenge. Although the Russian market highly recognizes their products, issues related to certificates and certifications still require a lot of time and effort. UMEK has decided to increase investment in this area in order to better meet local regulatory requirements in the Russian market.


In addition, the shortage of exhibitors is also a problem that needs to be addressed. During the exhibition, the staff of UMEK company were very busy and sometimes struggled to meet the needs of all customers. Therefore, they plan to deploy more personnel during their next exhibition to ensure better support and service for customers.


Everyone is equal in the face of opportunities, despite facing some challenges, UMEK company is full of confidence in the future and looks forward to participating again next time. The ECWATECH 2023 exhibition has made UMEK more determined to delve deeper into the Russian market and create greater value!

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