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Water treatment solutions for Africa

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The 2015 WHO report shows that 91% of the world's population already has access to improved drinking water sources. That remaining 9% is mainly in Africa, where people still struggle for clean water.

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Without access to safe and clean water, local people are forced to drink contaminated water from the shallow surface of wells. These unclean water sources are often closely linked to the spread of cholera, dysentery and hepatitis A. At the same time, inadequate infrastructure has delayed the improvement of the practice of open defecation, creating a vicious cycle over time.

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The choice between sickness and thirst is the true state of drinking water in much of Africa.

Given the harsh realities that plague the continent, it is vital that water purification systems are developed to improve water quality in Africa. 

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South African borehole water treatment system

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Water systems in a Johannesburg food factory

We will provide you with information on the water filtration systems in use in various African countries.