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Shanghai International Water Treatment Exhibition

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Exhibition Introduction:

Shanghai International Water Treatment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: Shanghai International Water Exhibition) is a super large-scale water treatment exhibition platform in the world. 

As the annual feast of the water industry, the exhibition site demonstrates cutting-edge technologies and products across municipal, civil, industrial and other fields, including: wastewater treatment, membrane and water treatment, sludge disposal, water engineering, environmental monitoring, ecological restoration, industrial pure water, building water supply and drainage systems, instrumentation, pumps and valves, pipelines, pharmaceuticals, sterilization, water purification and other major equipment and related supporting components, providing visitors with We provide visitors with complete environmental protection technology and service solutions for the whole industry chain of water industry.



Exhibition Silhouette:

Aquatech CHINA

Due to the impact of the COVID-19, there were fewer foreign customers in this exhibition, but most of them know the Chinese market well and speak Chinese. At the exhibition, many customers showed great interest in the supporting FRP tanks, RO membranes, FRP membrane shells and other accessories. In addition, in 2015 we independently produced UV medium pressure disinfection equipment, the successful operation of this product broke the long-standing monopoly by foreign products, and received good feedback from foreign customers. Successively and successfully exported to Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East and other regions. This has also become one of the highlights of our exhibition.

In the face of the customers who came to consult, the professional team of UMEK/Amanda patiently answered their various questions, and some interested customers sat down at the booth to understand the products in depth and detail, expressed their intention to cooperate, and intended to come to the company for further negotiations.

We look forward to seeing you again:

On June 4, 2021, the three-day 14th Shanghai International Water Exhibition came to a successful end at the National Convention and Exhibition Center. As the world's largest water treatment exhibition platform, the exhibition scale reached 150,000 square meters, with 2400 exhibitors participating, attracting hundreds of thousands of professional visitors from all over China. As one of the exhibitors, UMEK/Amanda has gained a lot from this exhibition.

With the mission of "providing the world with China's first-class water treatment products", UMEK/Amanda has been committed to become a responsible water treatment equipment supplier to the industry, to the society and to the whole global environment. After more than 20 years of efforts, our products have been exported to more than 80 regions and countries around the world, while satisfying the domestic market.   With our values of customer first, teamwork, dedication, passion and win-win, we hope to be your first choice!

The exhibition is over, but UMEK/Amanda will continue to develop and innovate, forge ahead, and dedicate ourselves to global drinking water safety. We look forward to meeting you again! To learn more about our services, please call: