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Seawater desalination treatment process

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    Desalination is a realistic requirement for coastal areas to break the bottleneck of fresh water resources shortage, guarantee the safety of urban water supply and optimise the quality of urban water supply.

  As we all know, the salt and impurity content in seawater is too high, far exceeding the hygiene standard of drinking water, and cannot be directly consumed.


    Desalination technology is the use of filtration precision of 0.0001 micron reverse osmosis membrane (SW-RO Membrane), blocking the majority of impurities outside the water molecules, to obtain reliable drinking water.


     The seawater enters the device with the help of the internationally advanced ultrafiltration + reverse osmosis double membrane process, and after five processes in the desalination plant - debridement, filtration, permeation, mineralisation and disinfection - it achieves a magnificent transformation from seawater to fresh water for production and living. With the help of the secondary reverse osmosis and demineralised water system, the demineralised water quality provided for steam can reach an electrical conductivity of 10μS/cm, which is far better than the daily tap water quality and can meet the demand for higher quality fresh water.

Full set system

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