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Our water treatment products in a Johannesburg food factory

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    Our water treatment system is used for industrial boiler water treatment, the water source is underground well water, the well water is filtered through our quartz sand, activated carbon filtration, water softening treatment, dosing and scale inhibition, we our water treatment system has been operating in this factory for 5 years without quality problems. 

    We have a local water treatment company to take care of the maintenance and repair of the water treatment equipment, we use purlite ion exchange resin, Runxin control valves, SEKO dosing pumps, where the ion exchange resin is replaced once every 5 years, no other maintenance costs.


    Water is one of the most important raw materials in ice cream production and its quality has a direct impact on the quality of the ice cream.

    The main sources of water for ice cream in South Africa are municipal water and underground well water. Municipal water is treated water that can be fed directly into our reverse osmosis filtration system for ice cream production. 


    However, underground well water contains various minerals, such as bicarbonates of calcium, magnesium and iron, and generally contains a certain amount of sediment, which needs to be filtered through quartz sand and precision filtration before entering the reverse osmosis system.

    Our reverse osmosis water purification system for ice cream plants has a 20 inch PP filter, a 20 inch activated carbon filter, softened water, a high quality 4040 reverse osmosis membrane and UV water treatment to filter the finished water for ice cream production.

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