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UMEK has a perfect ending at Aquatech 2023 Shanghai Exhibition

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Aquatehc China 2023 Shanghai International Water Treatment Exhibition just ended perfectly in early June. UMEK booth welcomed many clients to consult and negotiate during the exhibition. For the field of water treatment, we listened carefully to client needs and provided customers with the most professional technical solutions. Taking this opportunity to look back, we would like to thank the partners who came to the booth once again, and thank you for your attention and recognition to UMEK.

UMEK Booth

High-quality products and sincere service attitude made UMEK's booth highly concerned by the exhibitors. No matter the suppliers, dealers or potential customers came here in droves, stopped for long talks, and showed strong interest in UMEK's products, technologies and services.

Clients are consulting seawater plant

There so many customers showed interest in the seawater plant,FRP tanks, RO membranes, FRP membrane shells,etc. In addition, in 2015 we independently produced UV medium pressure disinfection equipment, the successful operation of this product broke the long-standing monopoly by foreign products, and received good feedback from foreign customers. Successively and successfully exported to Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East and other regions. This has also become one of the highlights of our exhibition.

UMEK with Clients

By UMEK's 24 years of experience in the water treatment industry, we not only gained orders and partners at this exhibition, but also exchanged and collided with other competitors, constantly exploring in the water treatment industry, and ensuring that AMANDA is always in the water treatment industry frontier.


Every exhibition has new gains, every exhibition makes us feel unfinished. Although the exhibition has ended, UMEK's footsteps will not stop. UMEK will not forget her original intention and take "providing China's first-class water treatment products to the world" as our mission, constantly understand the needs of clients, continue to explore new technologies,and provide clients better products and more satisfactory services.

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