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2023 Shanghai Aquatech Exhibition

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Dive into the future of aquatic technology at the highly anticipated 2023 Shanghai Aquatech Exhibition. We UMEK cordially invite you to join us at this extraordinary event where groundbreaking innovations, cutting-edge solutions, and limitless possibilities in the world of aquatic technology await. Immerse yourself in a world of discovery as we unveil the latest advancements in this dynamic industry.

Aquatech China 2023

Date: June 5-7, 2023

Venue: Shanghai International Convention Center


UMEK 26 years of water treatment experience and 14 years of export experience. The main products are: Industry and Household RO system ,FRP tank,RO membrane,RO membrane vessel,RUNXIN valve, Household water purifier, water filter cartridge,water filter housing ,UV sterilizer, ozone generator.

We have professional research and development department , won 7 national patents, to provide high-quality water treatment products and solutions for customers.

3 sales teams sold our products to the United States,Australia,Europe, South America and Africa.The professional after-sale team provides after sale and maintenance for the customer.

Why Attend?

This exceptional exhibition serves as a unique platform for professionals, industry leaders, and enthusiasts alike to explore and celebrate the advancements in aquatic technology. Whether you are a seasoned expert, a visionary entrepreneur, or an inquisitive student, this event offers something for everyone. Here's why you cannot afford to miss it:

1. Unparalleled Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry pioneers, thought leaders, and like-minded individuals from around the globe. Forge valuable partnerships, exchange knowledge, and create lasting connections that will propel your career and business forward.

2. Cutting-Edge Innovations: Witness firsthand the unveiling of groundbreaking products and solutions that are revolutionizing the aquatic technology landscape. From state-of-the-art underwater drones to innovative aquaculture systems, experience the future in action.

3. Expert Insights: Engage with renowned experts, scientists, and researchers who are at the forefront of aquatic technology. Gain valuable insights through thought-provoking panel discussions, captivating presentations, and interactive workshops that will broaden your horizons and inspire your imagination.

4. Market Trends and Opportunities: Stay ahead of the curve by gaining valuable market insights and understanding emerging trends. Discover new business prospects and investment opportunities that will drive your success in this rapidly evolving industry.

5. Live Demonstrations: Immerse yourself in captivating live demonstrations that showcase the sheer brilliance and capabilities of the latest aquatic technology. Experience firsthand the power, precision, and elegance of these cutting-edge innovations.

6. Collaboration and Partnerships: Find potential collaborators and partners for your next venture. Explore joint research projects, seek investment opportunities, and foster collaborations that will accelerate your growth and unlock new avenues of success.

For further information and to ensure your attendance, also if you need us to pick you up from the airport, please let our Client Manager know your arrival time in advance.

Client Manager: Vanilla

Contact Way:+86-13393211007

We look forward to welcoming you to the 2023 Shanghai Aquatech Exhibition!