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What are the advantages of reverse osmosis membranes?

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Reverse osmosis membranes are a separation technology that can effectively remove bacteria from raw water, using translucent modules and selective permeation in aqueous solutions with the help of external pressure, which not only effectively purifies sewage in depth, but also has the advantages of being economical and effective.

1. The use of reverse osmosis membranes in the separation process mainly uses energy-saving technology, i.e. the use of purely physical methods for water purification and treatment of advanced technology, compared with other traditional methods of water purification and treatment has the use of low energy consumption characteristics.

2. As the separation process is mainly done at room temperature, reverse osmosis membranes are highly adaptable and can be used not only for the separation of inorganic and organic substances, but also for the separation of biological viruses and microscopic substances such as bacteria and particles.

3. Reverse osmosis membrane separation technology uses simple equipment separation device, and also has a small and compact and manipulation suggestions and other characteristics, in addition to the use of reverse osmosis membrane in the entire separation and purification technology process, but also need to use the filter membrane and adsorption membrane together to complete the purification work, not only to achieve automation and flexible operation characteristics, but also in the entire purification process can be more frequent start and stop The work can be started and stopped more frequently throughout the purification process.

What are the advantages of reverse osmosis membranes

4. Due to the special surface structure of the reverse osmosis membrane, it has better hydrophilicity and is more resistant to contamination and bacterial erosion, thus having a stronger water purification capacity and less likely to be clogged with dirt than the commonly used purification membranes.

5. Low energy consumption, significant economic benefits. Practice has proved that it is most economical to desalinate 2000-5000mg/L brackish water to 5000mg/L drinking water.

6. Flexible system application, easy operation and maintenance According to different conditions, different forms of system design can be flexibly adopted, parallel connection can increase water production, series connection can improve desalination rate, circulation or partial circulation can shorten the process flow. During operation, control of voltage, current, concentration, flow, pressure and temperature are the main parameters to ensure stable operation.

7. No pollution to the environment.

8. Long service life. The membrane is generally available for 3-5 years, the electrode for 7-8 years and the spacer for about 15 years.

9. High raw water rate. The recovery rate of seawater and high concentration brackish water can reach more than 60%. General brackish water recovery rate can reach 65%-80%.

The above is the reverse osmosis membrane has the advantages of separation and purification technology, the use of reverse osmosis membrane used in the relevant water treatment equipment in order to achieve better purification effect, should also be regular cleaning of the reverse osmosis membrane work to prevent blockage affect the purification effect.