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Vontron ULP21-4040 RO Membrane

ULP21-4040 is our hot selling industrial reverse osmosis membrane.ULP series membrane elements are suitable for wastewater with salt content below 2000 ppm.

Brief Introduction

ULP series ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis membrane elements, the operating pressure of ULP series membrane elements is about 2/3 of the operating pressure of conventional low-pressure composite membranes, and the desalination rate can reach 99.5%. Thereby reducing the investment cost of relevant pumps, pipelines, containers and other equipment and the operating cost of the reverse osmosis system, and improving economic benefits.

Specifications and Major Properties


Permeate flow


Stable Rejection Rate (%) Active Membrane area ft2(m2)
ULP22-8040 12100 (45.8) 99.0 400 (37.2 )
ULP32-8040 10500(39.7) 99.5 400 ( 37.2)
ULP21-4040 2600(9.8 99.5 100(9.3 )
ULP31-4040 2000(7.6) 99.6

100 (9.3 

Application Range

ULP series membrane elements are generally suitable for desalination treatment of water sources such as surface water, ground water, tap water and municipal water with a salt content below 2000ppm. They are mainly used in packaging water, drinking water, boiler feed water, food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries, etc. kind of field.

Dimensions of Membrane Element

All dimensions are shown in: millimeter (inch)

Dimensions of Membrane Element (1)

Dimensions of Membrane Element (2)