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Vontron RO Membrane Filter Price

Reverse osmosis membranes have a high water flux and high desalination rate. Good chemical stability, long service life, a wide range of usable pressures and a wide range of usable temperatures ensure that subsequent cleaning is easier.

A wide range of reverse osmosis membrane elements. (For different applications requiring different membrane element performance, whether you are looking for high desalination rates, low energy consumption or low operating pressures there is a reverse osmosis element to meet your needs, from low pressure treatment of well water to ultra-pure water preparation, depending on the needs.)

Specifications and main performance of membrane elements

TypeModelReject (%)Average Permeate GPD (m3/d)Working Pressure & ApplicationTesting Conditions
Pressure psi (MPa)Solution Concentr. (PPm)Recovery Rate (%)
Household RO MembraneUM1812-5099.050(0.2)Working under extremely low pressure. Applicable to residential   water purifier and water purifying devices in hospital and laboratory water   treatment with TDS lower than 500 ppm.60 (0.41)25015
UM1812-75HR99.075   (0.28)
UM1812-7597.075   (0.28)
UM-2012-100HR99.0100   (0.38)
UM-2012-10097.5100   (0.38)
Special Size
   RO Membrane
UM-2812-20097.0200(0.76)working under extremely low   pressure. Applicable to automatic water dispenser and residential drinking   fountain.100   (0.69)25020
UM-3012-30097.0300(1.14)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3012-40097.0400(1.51)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3013-40097.0400(1.51)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3012-50097.0500(1.89)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3013-50097.0500(1.89)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3013-60097.0600(2.27)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3013-70097.0700(2.65)100   (0.69)25020

Test conditions: Test pressure: 100 psi (0.69Mpa)

Test fluid temperature: 25 °C

Test solution concentration (NaCI): 250ppm

pH value of test solution: 7.5

Single membrane element recovery rate: 20%

Product advantages

1. New end face self-locking link technology, reverse osmosis developed end face self-locking link technology membrane element, not only reduces system operating costs, but also greatly eliminates the risk of water quality degradation due to O-ring leakage.

2 . Has the widest cleaning pH tolerance range in the membrane industry. (The wider the pH range that the membrane element itself can withstand, the better the cleaning effect, and the more effective the cleaning, the longer the cleaning interval and the less time consuming each cleaning.

3. The effective area of the membrane is large. (The larger the total effective area of the membrane element selected for the system, the smaller the number of elements, membrane shells and other accessories required for the same amount of water production, which also means saving equipment space and saving system installation and maintenance costs. Reverse osmosis can produce a very consistent range of membrane elements with the required effective membrane area).

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