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Vontron Membrane - An Overview

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We are an agent for Vontron Membranes and have set ourselves apart from other membrane suppliers by giving our consumers a choice of higher quality reverse osmosis membranes.

Vontron membrane

These highly successful membranes can provide high quality product water from any source such as surface water, tap water, well water or sea water.

vontron membrane 4040

When you are interested in any of our solutions, or would like to talk about individual solutions, please ensure that you feel free to talk to us. We are always looking to form prosperous business enterprise relationships with new customers around the world in the near future.

Vontron membrane ULP4040

Due to its low mineral content, reverse osmosis water is often used in car washes as a final vehicle rinse to prevent identification of the water within the vehicle.

Reverse osmosis membranes can also be used in window washing equipment.

RO cleaning cart

Whether our customers need a partner for a completely new membrane product, other water treatment products and solutions or a trusted supplier of reverse osmosis membranes, Amanda has the answer when other suppliers cannot or will not meet their requirements. Please contact us to customise a product to meet your requirements.