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ULP21-4040 Vontron Membrane


Product introduction

ULP series (low pressure) aromatic polyamide RO element is developed by VONTRON for treatment of brackish water. It has the characteristics of low-pressure in operation, high permeate flow and excellent rejection performance in removing of solvable salts, TOC, SiO2, etc. It is especially suitable for the preparation of high purity water in electronics and power industry.

Hot-selling model

ULP4040/ ULP4021/ ULP8040

Product Advantages

●Support official inspection, inspection, original genuine factory direct sales

●Aromatic polyamide composite diaphragm, can use groundwater and surface water, etc.

●Ultra-low pressure aromatic composite structure, easy to replace, and the operating pressure only needs 2/3 of the low pressure membrane

●High flux and high desalination, using high-quality imported diaphragms, up to 99% desalination rate, reducing related equipment costs

●Vacuum packaging to ensure product quality, foam shock-proof to avoid product damage.

Membrane package and shipping

Membrane package and shipping

Vontron Authorization

Vontron Authorization