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ULP Industrial Reverse Osmosis Membranes


Brief Introduction

High desalination rate, high water flux, strong resistance to contamination and bacterial attack. The special surface structure, neutral surface potential and good hydrophilicity make it an ideal reverse osmosis membrane suitable for use in various wastewater treatments, unlike general reverse osmosis membranes which tend to adsorb surface active substances and get clogged by dirt.

Specifications and Major Properties


Average Permeated Flow GPD (m3/d)

Stable Rejection Rate (%)

Minimum Rejection Rate (%)

IWL 21-8040 10000(37.8) 99.5 99.2
IML 22-8040 1 1000(41.5) 99.5 99.2
IWL 21-4040 2500(9.4) 99.5 99.2

Testing Conditions:

Testing Pressure: 225 psi (1.55Mpa)

Temperature of Testing Solution: 25°C

Concentration of Testing Solution (NaCl): 2000ppm

pH Value of Testing Solution: 7.5

Recovery Rate of Single Membrane Element: 15%

Features of ULP Reverse Osmosis Membranes

1. The removal rate of inorganic substances is higher than that of organic substances.

2. The removal rate of ionic solutes is better than that of non-ionic solutes.

3. The removal rate of inorganic solutes is related to the size of the ions and the size of the hydrated ions. The larger the ion radius or hydration ion radius, the higher the removal rate.

4. The higher the molecular weight of the non-ionic solute, the higher the removal rate.

5. Gas molecules with a molecular weight of less than 100 can easily permeate through the membrane. For example, ammonia, chlorine, carbon dioxide, oxygen and hydrogen sulphide can easily pass through the membrane.

6. Weak acids have a low removal rate and are molecular weight dependent. The removal rates of the following three acids are reduced by the decrease in molecular weight. Citric acid is higher than tartaric acid and higher than acetic acid.

Dimensions of Membrane Element

All dimensions are shown in: millimeter (inch)

Dimensions of Membrane Element (1)

Dimensions of Membrane Element (2)


1.Preparation of space water, pure water, distilled water, etc.

2.Water for the manufacture and degradation of alcoholic beverages.

3.Pre-preparation of water for pharmaceutical and electronic industries.

4.Preparation of concentration, separation, purification and water distribution for chemical processes.

5. Boiler make-up water desalination and water softening.

6. Desalination of seawater and brackish water.

7. Water and wastewater treatment for paper making, electroplating, printing and dyeing industries.