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ULP 4040 Membrane


Product introduction

 ULP series: Ultra-low pressure aromatic polyamide composite membrane elements for tap water and groundwater desalination, which can achieve the same high water flux and high salt rejection as conventional low-pressure membranes under ultra-low operating pressure conditions. Its operating pressure is about 2/3 of the operating pressure of common low-pressure composite membranes, thereby reducing the investment costs of related pumps, pipelines, containers and other equipment and the operating costs of reverse osmosis systems, and improving economic benefits.


ULP series membrane elements are suitable for desalination treatment of RO water, groundwater, tap water and municipal water with salt content below 2000ppm. Mainly used in various scales of purified water, boiler feed water, food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries and many other fields

Hot-selling model

ULP4040/ ULP4021/ ULP8040

Product Advantages

●Support official inspection, inspection, original genuine factory direct sales

●Aromatic polyamide composite diaphragm, can use groundwater and surface water, etc.

●Ultra-low pressure aromatic composite structure, easy to replace, and the operating pressure only needs 2/3 of the low pressure membrane

●High flux and high desalination, using high-quality imported diaphragms, up to 99% desalination rate, reducing related equipment costs

●Vacuum packaging to ensure product quality, foam shock-proof to avoid product damage.

Membrane package and shipping

Membrane package and shipping

Vontron Authorization

Vontron Authorization