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Reverse Osmosis & Water Treatment in Water Supply Plant

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This water treatment plant uses the "UF+RO dual membrane" deep treatment process to provide the city with drinkable water, with a daily treatment capacity of 50,000 tons.

Reverse Osmosis & Water Treatment in Water Supply Plant

The plant has been using our RO membrane products for nearly 10 years, and when replacing the membrane elements in 2015, it partially adopted the reverse osmosis series "BW-8040" membrane elements.

BW 4040

So far, the desalination rate of the system is 98.9%-99.3%, and the water production is stable, which can fully meet the customer's requirements, and the regeneration of the membrane element is also praised by the customer. The project uses Vontron reverse osmosis membrane, which improves the quality of municipal tap water and greatly reduces the cost of municipal tap water production.

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Vontron Ro membrane

This reverse osmosis membrane element is suitable for desalination of raw water with salt concentration of 2000-8000ppm or less. It can be widely used in the desalination of surface water, groundwater and medium water; its application areas cover medical, chemical, beverage, electronics and many other industries. It has the characteristics of high desalination rate, large water flux and strong anti-pollution.

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