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Reverse Osmosis & Water Treatment in South Africa

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Many factories in South Africa drill their own wells to supply water for production and domestic use, but the well water requires our borehole water to be used for production and domestic use.

Depending on the volume of water to be addressed, and incorporating standard container specifications, the size of the machinery and equipment will be adjusted to match.


1. The shape of the container housing makes it possible to take into account international shipping regulations, making it extremely easy to transport

2. Easy to install, the customer only needs to connect the inlet and outlet pipes to the machine immediately and everything will work normally

3. Easy to operate, the machine and equipment can be operated fully automatically according to the pre-written operation standards, or manually according to the customer's needs

4. easy to operate, the machine and equipment can be integrated into the continuous fluctuation of drinking water quantity

5. Customised water treatment systems to follow up on different water qualities and requirements

Our company can provide container type ultra filtration system, container type reverse osmosis filtration system, accept container water treatment system customization, can accept all kinds of water treatment accessories orders.

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