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Reverse Osmosis & Water Treatment in Dominica

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Dominica is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea south of Guadeloupe.

The Dominican Republic has seen impressive growth in water supply and sanitation over the past two decades. However the quality of water supply and sanitation services remains poor despite the high economic growth the country achieved in the 1990s.


We provide a wide range of filtration and economic solutions based on Dominica's water resources.

200 GPM (45 tons/hour) RO

For Bottled water applications!

ro plant

Capacity: 200 GPM (45 tonnes per hour)

End use: Bottled water

FRP tanks

Exports: Fleck control valves, FRP tanks, Firstline FRP membrane housings, Filter Cartridge Housing, 001*10 black softening resin, pumps, Toray membranes, etc.

Product Note: NPT thread, voltage: 110V/220V/480V 3 phase 60HZ

RO system