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Reverse Osmosis & Water Treatment in Chemical plant

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8040 ro housing

8040 RO housing

white color RO housing

FRP RO membrane housing

 Project Description

Chemical plant wastewater treatment plant for a large chemical group supporting and built, the daily treatment capacity of up to tens of thousands of tons. As the project was built and put into operation earlier, the wastewater treatment equipment was relatively old. The purchaser undertakes industrial wastewater treatment projects and purchases reverse osmosis membrane housings and reverse osmosis membranes and other related products from our company.


The chemical plant wastewater treatment plant, with a daily treatment capacity of tens of thousands of tons. As the project was built and put into operation earlier, the sewage treatment equipment is relatively old. The plant's intelligent upgrading of wastewater treatment equipment is imminent. In the face of this challenge, the plant hopes to cooperate with companies with rich experience in the water treatment industry to explore the industrial upgrading of chemical water treatment.

Chemical plant sewage treatment

The treatment process of wastewater usually involves several processes such as dosing reaction, precipitation, filtration and press filtration. In this series of processes, the stability and reliability of water treatment equipment and accessories are crucial, which will directly affect the quality, efficiency and production cost of wastewater water treatment.

 Water Treatment Solutions

With rich experience in the water treatment industry, we recommend a product line of FRP membrane housing ,8040 RO membranes, etc., which can be widely used in various processes of wastewater treatment.

 Client Feedback

With the use of our products, the customer has been able to significantly reduce the failure rate of their water treatment equipment due to good sealing, durability and less leakage. Not only has it significantly improved the performance of the wastewater treatment process and equipment, but it has also significantly reduced the energy consumption and costs of operation. The customer has indicated that it will promote other wastewater treatment plants within the Group to promote the full roll-out of energy-saving upgrades.

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