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Reverse Osmosis & Water Treatment For School

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     Safe and healthy drinking water for students has long been a great concern for schools and parents, as well as a social issue. According to a survey, about 50% of food poisoning accidents among students are water-related. The whole world attaches great importance to the provision of quality and safe drinking water to young people in order to protect their health.

Reverse Osmosis & Water Treatment For School

Drinking water faces 3 major problems

1. Bacteria overload

Many school drinking water systems have been in use for many years and are not regularly disinfected, which can easily breed bacteria; and barrels of water are a source of secondary contamination, affecting the health of students.

2. Inadequate water supply

Many schools have inadequate water supply, resulting in students often buying drinks and bottled water to quench their thirst, resulting in inconvenient and costly drinking for students.

3. Insufficient budget

Direct drinking water on campus is being adopted by many schools as the best drinking water solution for students, but due to a lack of government funding in some areas, direct drinking water on campus is not popular.

In order to provide more children and young people with healthy direct drinking water, we provided 450 sets of RO equipment for schools.

RO system

The water treated by the RO system brings advantages to schools

1. Water quality assurance

Depth of water treatment process equipment (ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis equipment), directly on the original water for deep purification treatment, and then through a special water pipe to form a circular pipe network way to end-users of the system engineering.

2. Pipe network guarantee

Campus water treatment system water supply pipe network using health standards, rust and corrosion resistance, easy to clean, the source to eliminate the secondary pollution of drinking water caused by rust and aging of the pipe.

3. Energy saving and economy

Campus water treatment system production of water, only about 10% of the price of bottled water, and eliminates the need for buckets of water delivery links, energy-saving low-carbon, more acceptable to students.

4. Easy maintenance

No need to destroy the existing building structure and municipal water supply system transformation, short construction period, convenient construction, equipment without manned, solve the drinking water problem at the same time, but also to the school's daily management brings great convenience.

UMEK can provide schools with a systematic solution for drinking water in schools. We hope that every school can solve the problem of drinking water safety, making students happier, parents more at ease and society more at ease.