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Reverse Osmosis in Seawater Desalination

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The reverse osmosis method has been used for seawater purification since the 1970s. After decades of development, with the improved performance of reverse osmosis membranes, advances in pre-treatment technology and improved energy recovery rates, it has become the most economical and least expensive desalination technology with the lowest investment and the widest range of applications, and is currently the cleanest method.

Seawater desalination equipment

Reverse osmosis desalination technology has obvious features and advantages over other desalination methods.

1. The solute can be separated from the water at room temperature and under conditions where no phase change occurs. Therefore, problems such as denaturation of the solute in the treated liquid, limescale and material corrosion due to heat can be avoided.

2. There is no phase change in the separation of water and solute, so little energy is required for desalination.

3. Pressure as the driving force for separation, equipment compact structure, small size, high water production per unit volume, small footprint, while simple operation, high degree of automation.


Desalination uses Seawater Ro Membrane to remove dissolved solids while separating the incoming water into pure water and rejected concentrated salt, resulting in dissolved solids and salt with 99% pure water. These seawater reverse osmosis systems are very powerful and are capable of purifying water with significantly high TDS. Seawater reverse osmosis systems can be used anywhere from yachts to municipalities.

Seawater desalination membranes


SW ro membranes


It is important to choose the correct material of construction to treat seawater as it is extremely corrosive. Successful desalination systems require the proper understanding and design to overcome the high salt content and large number of microorganisms in seawater. The high turbidity and corrosiveness of seawater also requires measures to overcome these.

Seawater reverse osmosis systems are designed to reject more than 99% of the salt in the feed water. These systems also contain flushing, chemical purification units to eliminate sodium chloride, avoid scaling and maintain system performance. There are two basic elements in every seawater reverse osmosis system, the reverse osmosis membrane and the high pressure feed pump. These elements form the core of any reverse osmosis system and require special consideration and application to operate successfully.

Full set system

We offer superior, high quality membrane elements designed for marine applications with high salt removal and productivity, as well as low power consumption. With 23 years of expertise in converting seawater into high quality drinking water. These membranes are ideally suited for shipboard applications, water makers, cruise ships, land-based desalination systems and sea-based desalinators.

Seawater desalination plant

Seawater desalination plant



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