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Metallurgical wastewater treatment in Uzbekistan

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    Dominated by large desert plains and an arid climate, Uzbekistan is considered to be a water-scarce country. Due to climate change, river flows have decreased and water resources are strained, resulting in a growing gap between water supply and demand.

    In 2022 we worked with a client in Uzbekistan to supply RO membrane products for water treatment in a local metallurgical plant.





    The metallurgical industry consumes huge amounts of water, and the water quality is complex and variable, with many kinds of pollutants, such as suspended matter, oil, heavy metals, phenols, cyanide, COD and other pollution factors exceeding the standard, which is one of the main wastewaters polluting the environment.According to the source and characteristics of wastewater, metallurgical industry wastewater mainly includes: circulating cooling water discharge water, pickling wastewater, dust and gas, flue gas washing wastewater, slag flushing wastewater and wastewater condensed, separated or overflowed from the production process.





    The application of membrane technology for comprehensive reuse of metallurgical industrial wastewater can not only solve the pollution of water bodies, but also realize the recycling of water resources, which is one of the key development directions of comprehensive utilization of metallurgical industrial wastewater.The reuse of metallurgical industrial wastewater is firstly made use of the conventional treatment process, and on the basis of meeting the discharge standard, it is further treated in depth and made into new industrial water, softened water and desalinated water for production.


    As a new type of fluid separation technology, membrane technology has achieved remarkable development in recent decades due to its high efficiency, no phase change, low energy consumption, low use of chemicals, compact equipment, simple operation and convenience, etc.


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