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Industrial RO Reverse Osmosis Membrane Wholesale

This membrane has the ability to remove suspended matter, bacteria, viruses, inorganic matter, pesticides, organic matter and dissolved gases from water with nano-sized particles that other filtration products do not have.

Inlet water conditions

1)SDI(15min): 5.0

2)Turbidity: 1.0NTU

3)Residual chlorine concentration: 0.1ppm

4)Operating temperature: 45℃(113℉)

5)Operating pressure: 600psi

6)PH range: 3~11 for continuous operation, 2~12 for cleaning

Specifications and Major Properties


Average Permeated Flow GPD (m3/d)

Stable Rejection Rate (%)

Minimum Rejection Rate (%)

IWL 21-8040 10000(37.8) 99.5 99.2
IML 22-8040 1 1000(41.5) 99.5 99.2
IWL 21-4040 2500(9.4) 99.5 99.2

Extreme Operation Conditions

Max. Working Pressure: 600psi(4. 14Mpa)

Max. Feedwater Flow: 75gpm(17 m3/h) (8040)

16gpm (3.6 m3/h) (4040)

Max. Feedwater T emperature: 45°C

Max. Feedwater SDI: 5

Residual chlorine Concentration of Feedwater: < 0.1ppm

pH Range of Feedwater during Continuous Operation: 3~10

pH Range of Feedwater during Chemical Cleaning: 2~12

Max. Pressure Drop of Single Membrane Element: 15psi(0.1Mpa)

Dimensions of Membrane Element

All dimensions are shown in: millimeter (inch)

Dimensions of Membrane Element (1)

Dimensions of Membrane Element (2)


Mainly used for ultra-pure water, process pure water, cooling tower water, boiler feed water, drinking water, as well as for wastewater reuse and zero discharge systems, recycling of dyes, concentration of beverages, desalination of sea water, etc.