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Greenhouse water treatment plant shipped to Uzbekistan

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Recently, our client from Uzbekistan purchased greenhouse water treatment equipment from us.

greenhouse water treatment equipment

The main products and accessories including:

Raw water pump, high pressure pump, UPVC piping, stainless steel frame, Frp reverse osmosis membrane housing,reverse osmosis membrane, PCL control system, automatic cleaning system, precision filter, flow meter, pressure gauge, high and low pressure switch, solenoid valve, etc.

Greenhouse water treatment plant shipped to Uzbekistan

Under natural conditions, water in the natural cycle process, through the continuous contact with the air, surface, strata and the dissolution of rocks and soil, the water contains suspended matter, colloidal inorganic ions, microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, gases (02, CO2) and other impurities. The presence of certain impurities makes the raw water often can not be used directly for horticultural production must first be purified raw water treatment.

Greenhouse pure water treatment equipment

Greenhouse pure water treatment equipment process flow and device performance characteristics

1. The produced water is equipped with a flow meter to monitor and regulate the operating water output and the system water utilization rate, and the water utilization rate is high through reasonable process design.

2. Conductivity meter continuously monitors and displays the water quality of raw water and produced water.

3. The pre-filter protects the high pressure pump and RO membrane from damage by particles or other hard objects, while the low pressure switch is set to protect the high pressure pump from damage due to water supply stoppage.

4. The system has no wearing parts, no need for extensive maintenance, and operates effectively for a long time.

5. Advanced membrane protection system, when the equipment is switched on and off, the device automatically sends out the action of flushing the membrane, the purified water can automatically flush the membrane surface pollutants clean, reducing the speed of pollution and extending the life.

6. High desalination rate of low pressure polyamide composite membrane and low operating pressure ensure the efficiency of the system and reduce the operating cost.

7. Feed water and concentrated water pressure gauge, continuous monitoring of RO membrane pressure difference to determine whether cleaning is required.

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