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Brackish Water 4040 Membrane

Brackish Water 4040 Membrane, specifically designed to provide efficient and reliable water purification for brackish water sources. This state-of-the-art reverse osmosis membrane offers superior contaminant rejection and long-lasting durability, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and municipal applications.

Key Features:

High Salt Rejection: The Brackish Water 4040 Membrane boasts exceptional salt rejection capabilities, effectively removing dissolved salts, minerals, and other contaminants from brackish water sources. Enjoy reliable water purification, ensuring high-quality output.

4040 Membrane Size: With a standard 4-inch diameter and 40-inch length, our membrane element is optimized for efficient operation and fits seamlessly into compatible reverse osmosis systems.

Long-lasting Performance: Crafted from premium materials and advanced membrane technology, our 4040 membrane demonstrates outstanding durability, ensuring a prolonged service life and minimal maintenance requirements.

Wide pH Tolerance: The membrane's design enables efficient water purification across a broad pH range, providing stable performance even under varying water conditions.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: Our Brackish Water 4040 Membrane is designed for straightforward installation, and routine maintenance is hassle-free, allowing for smooth operation and cost-effectiveness.


Industrial Water Treatment: Boiler feedwater, process water, and cooling tower makeup.

Commercial Water Purification: Hotels, resorts, office buildings, and shopping centers.

Municipal Water Treatment: Desalination for drinking water supply and public facilities.

Agriculture and Irrigation: Purification for agricultural purposes and irrigation systems.

Quality Assurance:

Our Brackish Water 4040 Membrane is manufactured to the highest industry standards, undergoing rigorous quality control and performance testing. Each membrane element is individually inspected to ensure optimal functionality and efficiency, providing you with peace of mind and reliable water treatment results.