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Best 100 Gpd RO Membrane Price


1. A new generation of membrane chemistry helps achieve a stable desalination rate of 98%, ahead of similar products in the industry.

2. Long service life in high hardness water conditions

3. Rapid achievement of stable desalination rates after operation

4. Large effective membrane area and multi-blade design for optimum performance

5. Dry delivery for easy handling and longer shelf life

6. Proven stability and reliability, long service life of membrane elements

Specifications and main performance of membrane elements

TypeModelReject (%)Average Permeate GPD (m3/d)Working Pressure & ApplicationTesting Conditions
Pressure psi (MPa)Solution Concentr. (PPm)Recovery Rate (%)
Household RO MembraneUM1812-5099.050(0.2)Working under extremely low pressure. Applicable to residential   water purifier and water purifying devices in hospital and laboratory water   treatment with TDS lower than 500 ppm.60 (0.41)25015
UM1812-75HR99.075   (0.28)
UM1812-7597.075   (0.28)
UM-2012-100HR99.0100   (0.38)
UM-2012-10097.5100   (0.38)
Special Size
   RO Membrane
UM-2812-20097.0200(0.76)working under extremely low   pressure. Applicable to automatic water dispenser and residential drinking   fountain.100   (0.69)25020
UM-3012-30097.0300(1.14)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3012-40097.0400(1.51)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3013-40097.0400(1.51)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3012-50097.0500(1.89)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3013-50097.0500(1.89)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3013-60097.0600(2.27)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3013-70097.0700(2.65)100   (0.69)25020

Test conditions: Test pressure: 100 psi (0.69Mpa)

Test fluid temperature: 25 °C

Test solution concentration (NaCI): 250ppm

pH value of test solution: 7.5

Single membrane element recovery rate: 20%

Important information

1. The initial 5 gallons of produced water must be discarded. This initial production water is not potable and should not be used as cooking water.

2. After the initial wetting, the element needs to be kept permanently wetted.

3. During extended periods of system shutdown, it is recommended that the membrane element be immersed in a preservation solution to prevent the growth of microorganisms in the system. Before re-use, the preservation solution is washed off.

4. The membrane element has some tolerance to short term exposure to chlorine (hypochlorite). However, continuous exposure may lead to damage to the membrane element and should be avoided.

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