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Barrel and bottled water market in Kenya

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    Hebei UMEK Environment Machine CO.,Ltd. focuses on industrial water purification accessories and systems. 2018 we visited the local water barrel and bottled water market in Nairobi and Kenya. The barrel and bottled water in Nairobi mainly supply schools, government etc., and refilling water shop supply different residents.


    In Nairobi, there are water shops in the higher end neighbourhoods for residents to refill water, and in the thriving shopping streets, each supermarket has a dedicated area to produce pure water for customers to refill water. 


    The configuration of the water treatment systems in these purified water shops varies, the system is one without ion exchange resin filtration, some use galvanised pipes for pipeline links, some use only a few cartridges for filtration, some have only quartz sand filtration and UV disinfection, no reverse osmosis membranes were found in the purified water refilling water shops surveyed. 


    If reverse osmosis membranes are not used in pure drinking water systems, the cost can be reduced and the quality of the water produced is not high.

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