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Best Tfc Ro Filter Membrane Price

Filtration accuracy of 0.0001um ultra tiny pore size. Effectively removes impurities, scaling, heavy metals, lead, mercury, thermogenic bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances to the human body from the water.

Domestic reverse osmosis elements are the highest quality, reliable membrane elements on the market. 

The membrane technology and fully automatic coiling technology give the membranes a long and stable performance with a higher desalination rate.

The lower cost has made it the most trusted product by manufacturers, agents and residents of domestic RO machines.

Specifications and main performance of membrane elements

TypeModelReject (%)Average Permeate GPD (m3/d)Working Pressure & ApplicationTesting Conditions
Pressure psi (MPa)Solution Concentr. (PPm)Recovery Rate (%)
Household RO MembraneUM1812-5099.050(0.2)Working under extremely low pressure. Applicable to residential   water purifier and water purifying devices in hospital and laboratory water   treatment with TDS lower than 500 ppm.60 (0.41)25015
UM1812-75HR99.075   (0.28)
UM1812-7597.075   (0.28)
UM-2012-100HR99.0100   (0.38)
UM-2012-10097.5100   (0.38)
Special Size
  RO Membrane
UM-2812-20097.0200(0.76)working under extremely low   pressure. Applicable to automatic water dispenser and residential drinking   fountain.100   (0.69)25020
UM-3012-30097.0300(1.14)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3012-40097.0400(1.51)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3013-40097.0400(1.51)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3012-50097.0500(1.89)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3013-50097.0500(1.89)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3013-60097.0600(2.27)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3013-70097.0700(2.65)100   (0.69)25020

Test conditions: Test pressure: 100 psi (0.69Mpa)

Test fluid temperature: 25 °C

Test solution concentration (NaCI): 250ppm

pH value of test solution: 7.5

Single membrane element recovery rate: 20%

Working principle

The use of ultra-static pressure pump to generate high pressure osmosis, so that water molecules and mineral elements in the ionic state through a layer of reverse osmosis membrane, while the vast majority of heavy metals dissolved in the water, organic matter, as well as bacteria, viruses, etc. can not be retained through the reverse osmosis membrane.

With the principle of reverse osmosis, the water contains impure substances such as pyrogen, filtered pathogens, bacteria, compounds heavy metals (arsenic, cobalt, cadmium, mercury, etc.) toxic substances, metals, salts, swimming ions and other substances that are harmful to human health, reverse osmosis membrane to isolate impurities and pure water, and create pure drinking water.

The reverse osmosis water purification system, designed with both pre-treatment and post-treatment, provides deep treatment of raw water with a desalination rate of over 99.8%.