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8 Inch RO Membrane- China Manufacturer UMEK

The 8-inch designation refers to the size of the RO membrane, specifically its diameter. The larger 8-inch size is commonly used in commercial and industrial RO systems that require a higher capacity and flow rate to meet the demands of larger volumes of purified water.

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Due to its larger size, the 8-inch RO membrane generally has a higher flow rate compared to smaller-sized membranes. It can process a larger volume of water per unit of time, making it more suitable for applications that require a high rate of water production. The increased efficiency of the 8-inch membrane allows for faster filling of storage tanks and quicker access to purified water.

The operating conditions of RO membranes, including required pressures, may vary depending on the specific membrane design and the client's demand specifications.While the pressure requirements may differ, the 8-inch RO membrane is generally designed to handle higher operating pressures due to its larger size and capacity. This makes it suitable for systems that operate at elevated pressures to achieve optimal filtration efficiency.

The 8-inch RO membrane is commonly used in larger-scale applications, such as commercial and industrial settings, where there is a need for a significant volume of purified water. It is often employed in water treatment plants, hospitals, hotels, manufacturing facilities, and other establishments with higher water demands. Smaller-sized membranes like 4-inch or 6-inch are typically used in residential settings or smaller commercial applications where the water demand is relatively lower.

Dimensions of Membrane Element

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