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1812-100 GPD Ro Membrane


Product parameters.

Product name

RO membrane

Product specification

100 gallons

Desalination rate


Product flux


Use range

100 gallons of pure water machine

Matching membrane houdsing

1812 type membrane housing

Water inlet pressure




Applicable water source

Municipal tap water

Filtration precision

0.0001 micron

Service life

2-3 years

Product process

Dry membrane

Cartridge function

Can effectively remove organic matter, bacteria, viruses, protein, thermogenic, microorganisms, colloid and heavy metals and other impurities in the water, and the filtered water meets the

The filtered water meets the national standard for raw drinking water and can be directly consumed.

product advantages

1. A series of household reverse osmosis membrane products with high stability and reliability to meet the market demand of high recovery rate and high desalination rate.

2. New membrane element structure design effectively extends service life; high precision membrane manufacturing process effectively reduces desalination rate decay under high recovery rate conditions;

3. The desalination rate reaches the stable state faster and the waiting time is greatly reduced.

Product Details

1. High cross-linked diaphragm with super physical strength and chemical biodegradation resistance.

2.O-ring seal

3. Fine reverse osmosis membrane pores, which can filter out all the fine impurities of water

Product packaging

Non-vacuum design, the original dry film does not have vacuum design. If the vacuum design is used, it is a "fake


Product services

Support OEM solution, can customize logo according to customer needs

Provide free samples