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100 Gpd RO Membrane

Achieve every drop water pure and refreshing with the UMEK’s high-quality 100 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane.Our membranes are engineered with precision to provide reliable and efficient solutions for your business needs.

As a trusted industry forerunner, UMEK understands the importance of clean and safe water for your business.Whether you're in the commercial, industrial, or residential sector, our 100 GPD RO membrane is engineered to meet your specific needs. Benefit from its high flow rate, ensuring a constant supply of purified water for your business.

Specifications and main performance of membrane elements

TypeModelReject (%)Average Permeate GPD (m3/d)Working Pressure & ApplicationTesting Conditions
Pressure psi (MPa)Solution Concentr. (PPm)Recovery Rate (%)
Household RO MembraneUM1812-5099.050(0.2)Working under extremely low pressure. Applicable to residential   water purifier and water purifying devices in hospital and laboratory water   treatment with TDS lower than 500 ppm.60 (0.41)25015
UM1812-75HR99.075   (0.28)
UM1812-7597.075   (0.28)
UM-2012-100HR99.0100   (0.38)
UM-2012-10097.5100   (0.38)
Special Size
   RO Membrane
UM-2812-20097.0200(0.76)working under extremely low   pressure. Applicable to automatic water dispenser and residential drinking   fountain.100   (0.69)25020
UM-3012-30097.0300(1.14)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3012-40097.0400(1.51)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3013-40097.0400(1.51)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3012-50097.0500(1.89)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3013-50097.0500(1.89)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3013-60097.0600(2.27)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3013-70097.0700(2.65)100   (0.69)25020

Besides, with 24 years of water treatment experience, UMEK's professional team can provide customized services for your business. No matter what kind of business your are engaged in, UMEK can provide you with the most suitable and perfect solution.

In order to leave behind all annoying water quality problems as soon as possible.Contact us today for more information for other water filtration solutions and customized service.

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