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China Commodities Expo Nigeria 2022 Overview

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China Commodities Expo Nigeria was held as scheduled from November 8, 2022 - November 11, 2020.

During the exhibition, our team members answered questions from a professional perspective for many customers and provided diverse solutions for the industry.


Exhibition Overview

The show was packed with exhibitors and visitors were enthusiastic, and the show floor remained hot.


Booths and Exhibits

We have prepared a variety of water equipment related products for this exhibition.

The booth was built with a unique water blue and green color.

It attracted many staffs and visitors to take photos.

Customer reception

The diverse exhibits and chic display attracted many customers to stop and consult.

Warm reception, from a professional point of view for each customer to answer questions, provide customized solutions.

Our patient and attentive working attitude has been praised by new and old customers.

We will see you at the next exhibition.