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Reverse Osmosis & Water Treatment in Nigeria

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Nigeria, Africa's most populous country with the largest economy, faces water-related challenges ranging from water scarcity in the north to water pollution in the south.

About COKER Building Materials Market, Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, the old capital of Nigeria, is now the largest economic and logistics centre in West Africa, with the top ten commodity logistics centres in West Africa, such as auto and motorcycle parts, electrical appliances, department stores, building materials, tyres, machinery and electromechanics, all concentrated in Lagos. 

Its privileged location, natural harbour, dense traffic, towering buildings and flying bridges could put all cities south of the Sahara except South Africa to shame. With 80% of Nigeria's trade and commerce activity concentrated in Lagos, the capital city of Abuja is far behind Lagos in terms of economic exchange and trade cooperation.

COKER Building Materials Market

COKER Building Materials Market in the MAIL 2 area of Lagos.

This market is located 30 minutes west of TINCAN port. The market consists of the sub-markets ADOADE, AGRIC and others. The market mainly deals with sanitary ware and hardware, floor tiles, doors and windows, colourful steel tiles and other building materials, and is an important distribution centre for building materials in Nigeria and West Africa. We have a branch in this market, mainly selling sanitary ware, taps, showers, bathroom cabinets and other products for domestic manufacturers.

In 2018 we visited the COKER market, which has many wholesale shops for water treatment accessories and pumps, where you can find all the water treatment products, water treatment accessories and pumps you need. The main water treatment products here are: FRP tanks, ion exchange resins, control valves, salt tanks, reverse osmosis membranes, reverse osmosis membrane shells, UV water disinfectors, dosing tanks, dosing pumps, water treatment pumps, various pipers, pressure gauges, flow meters, filter bottles, cartridges and much more.

About the Nigerian market for bagged water

The tropical climate in much of Africa makes the weather hot and humid for much of the year and climate change is causing more drought effects on the continent. Living in such a climate, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and has a relatively greater need for water than people in other parts of the world.

Nigerian market for bagged water

Nigeria has a relatively long rainy season and it pours rain largely every day. The average annual rainfall from north to south is 500-3000 mm; there are many rivers, with the main rivers, the Niger (1400 km) and the Benue (800 km), running through the country in a network of rivers, most of which are seasonal in the north. So Nigeria is relatively rich in water resources. The main problem is the lack of water treatment facilities. The waterworks are often shut down due to various reasons, such as strikes and so on. The water from the waterworks is not of high quality and the wealthy families build their own wells, but the poor cannot afford to do so, so there are towns where many people share one well and queue for water when the mains water stops.

As Nigeria is located in a relatively backward African economy, the people's consumption level is very low.

Wage costs for Nigerian employees.

(1) Driver: 45,000 Naira/month

(2) General marketing and sales staff: 25,000~35,000 Naira/month

(3) Live-in nanny: 25,000~35,000 Naira/month

(4) Security guards: 25,000~35,000 Naira/month

Visit to COKER Market

This is why bagged water has become the most popular form of drinking water in Nigeria. These hot items of drinking water are mainly sealed in 500ml plastic bags filled with water from the municipal system or private wells and boreholes. Selling for around 10 naira on the street, the bags are the cheapest and most accessible source of safe drinking water for the average person in parts of Africa, where they are the best-selling drinking water.

UMEK is a company specialising in the production of wholesale water treatment equipment and the sale of water treatment accessories, and we produce and sell our products to the Nigerian market.

Best-selling products in Nigeria: Conductivity meters, Flow meters, Commercial water purifiers, Bagged equipment, Filter housing, Cartridges, PH/TDS pens, Pressure gauges, Ozone generators, UV water sterilizers, dosing pumps, Rinxin valves, FRP tanks, filter media, RO systems, RO membranes, RO membrane housings.

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