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Pre-treatment of water treatment equipment

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    Raw water contains a certain concentration of suspended and dissolved substances. Suspended matter is mainly inorganic salts, colloids and biological particles such as micro-organisms and algae. Dissolved substances are mainly soluble and insoluble salts (e.g. carbonates, sulphates and silicates) metal oxides, acids and bases, etc.

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    In the reverse osmosis process, pretreatment is required before the raw water enters the reverse osmosis membranesystem to remove suspended matter, dissolved organic matter and excess insoluble salt components that may cause contamination to the reverse osmosis membrane and reduce the tendency of membrane contamination. The purpose of pretreatment of the feed water is to improve the quality of the feed water and to ensure reliable operation of the RO membrane.

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Water treatment equipment pretreatment daily operation check

1. After entering normal production, the operator should regularly inspect the equipment site every hour. The results of the inspection will be recorded faithfully, together with the operating records to give a summary, as regular maintenance information.

2. Inspection cycle - inspection items - inspection methods or inspection points - remarks.

3. Check whether there is water leakage - whether there is water leakage in various sealing parts of the equipment and in various places such as subsidiary valves - if there is water leakage - find out the location of the leakage point and the cause, and stop the leakage in time.

4. Check for vibration - whether there is abnormal vibration when the valve is opened and closed - if there is vibration, find out the cause and take timely measures to solve it.

5. Once a month - check the flow rate - check the flow meter value, verify whether it indicates the normal flow rate - if the flow rate is not normal, promptly identify the causes and troubleshooting.

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Water treatment equipment pretreatment regular inspection

1. Filler inspection - check the activated carbon filter media, if the activated carbon filter media lost adsorption, then all should be replaced.

2. Water filter cap check - take out the filler, rinse it with water, check the water filter cap on the porous plate, if it is found to be broken or loose, replace or fix it in time.

3. Rubber lining layer inspection - if found that the rubber lining layer has bubbles, cracks, rubber stripping, microporous, etc. to be repaired.

4. Internal fastener inspection - check the bolts and nuts inside the filter and other fasteners, if there is loose, should be tightened.

5. Manhole gasket inspection - replace the deformed manhole gasket; dip the bolts and nuts in the cleaning oil and remove the rust thoroughly; when installing the manhole cover, the bolts and nuts should be coated with oil.

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Water treatment equipment pretreatment filter media replacement

1. Drainage - drain the water inside the filter.

2. Discharge - open the filter discharge port, feed a small amount of water from the backwash port and flush out the filler.

3. Cleaning - drain the water inside the filter, open the upper manhole, enter the filter and clean the remaining filter material out of the filter.

4. Cleaning - clean the inside of the filter with a rag.

5. Fill the filter media - close the discharge port, fill the filter media at a high level according to the regulations, first fill with quartz sand, grind flat after filling, and then fill with activated carbon.

6. Close the filter - check that the height of the filter media filling meets the requirements and close the upper manhole.

7. Flush the filter media - flush the filter media according to the filter backwashing step sequence, until the turbidity of the drainage water is less than 1 degree.

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