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Power Plant Water Treatment Solution

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    Reverse osmosis technology is a technology that can effectively reduce harmful substances in industrial wastewater, purifying it and enabling multiple use of water resources, which not only saves water resources but also reduces production costs and thus provides good economic benefits for the development of the enterprise. 

    Tests have shown that this technology has been able to achieve good results in the treatment of wastewater from power plants.

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Application of reverse osmosis technology in power plant water treatment

Recycle cooling effluent recycling

    Usually a large amount of circulating cooling water is consumed during the operation of a power plant, and if the wasted effluent from this process can be recycled, maximum water savings can be achieved. 

    The use of reverse osmosis technology allows for the recycling of effluent water and the replenishment of sufficient water for the circulating cooling system, as well as the effective purification of circulating water and the improvement of circulating water quality, both economically and ecologically.

Recycle cooling effluent recycling

Boiler pickling wastewater treatment 

    Boiler pickling waste stream is a waste stream generated during the operation of boilers in power plants. 

    Cellulose acetate membranes, low pressure composite membranes and seawater membranes were selected to carry out simulation experiments on the waste stream, and the experimental results show that seawater membranes have the best treatment effect, so seawater membranes are selected as reverse osmosis membranes for boiler pickling waste stream treatment, which can effectively improve the recycling rate of the waste stream and solve the environmental pollution problem.

sea water ro membrane

Wastewater treatment in power plants

    Reverse osmosis systems are a kind of equipment mainly used in the comprehensive wastewater treatment of power plants. The wastewater treatment part of the application of reverse osmosis technology is some seriously polluted wastewater, mostly power plant water that has been utilised and turned into seriously polluted acidic or alkaline water or condensate. 

    This water is not only limited to water pollution, but also volatilises if not treated in time, thus causing atmospheric pollution. Reverse osmosis technology is mainly used for heavily polluted wastewater, which can be reused after reverse osmosis treatment. This is why reverse osmosis is so widely used, as it does not only prevent air and land pollution, but also saves water.

8T double-stage reverse osmosis

Filter Maintenance

    In order to reduce the contamination of membrane elements in reverse osmosis equipment, a filter can be installed at the front of the reverse osmosis equipment so that the filter can play a role in maintaining the reverse osmosis equipment and reducing the damage to the reverse osmosis equipment. 

    In the choice of filter we mostly choose the cartridge filter with less cleaning times. After the installation of the filter can better ensure the application of reverse osmosis equipment, to a large extent, to reduce the maintenance of equipment, cleaning costs.

In summary, reverse osmosis technology is not only a catalyst for the development of the power industry, it is also a great help in solving the social problems of water use. Reverse osmosis is a relatively simple form of wastewater treatment that does not require specific operating conditions and can be highly automated, which is why it has become so popular.

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