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How Often Should RO Membrane Be Replaced

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When to consider changing the RO membrane?

First of all, you should have a water pressure meter, you test the pressure of the waste water, if the pressure value is above 6KG, it means that the RO membrane may be blocked. Or you have a TDS or conductivity meter, you test the water quality if the TDS value of the water is very high, then the desalination rate of the membrane is very poor, you can consider replacing it.

How to check RO MEMBRANE need to change?

1. The amount of water produced can not meet the production; some after cleaning and maintenance, the amount of water produced still can not meet the requirements, so you need to change the membrane.

For example, the pure water production process requires water conductivity lower than 10us/cm, once the conductivity of the produced water tends to 10, if it can not be reduced through maintenance, it is necessary to change the membrane.

2. The production process can not meet the operational requirements: for example, reverse osmosis water conductivity is high, causing frequent regeneration of mixed bed, although to meet the production, but the operation becomes frequent, so the need to change the membrane.

3. The membrane element is damaged; the membrane oxidation performance decays significantly, so the membrane needs to be changed.

4. RO membrane life is the ideal duration of use. In fact, in areas with serious water pollution, there is no way to use the ro membrane for such a long time. We generally replace new membranes when they have reached around 80% of their ideal life span.