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Filmtec RO Membrane Filter

Effective in removing ions and organics, reverse osmosis membranes have a higher removal rate than nanofiltration membranes, with reverse osmosis typically removing 99% of the salt from feed water.

RO reverse osmosis membrane water purification operation costs and labour costs are low, reducing environmental pollution. The change in water quality due to fluctuations in source water quality is mitigated, thus contributing to the stability of water quality in production, which has a positive effect on the stability of pure water product quality.

Specifications and main performance of membrane elements

TypeModelReject (%)Average Permeate GPD (m3/d)Working Pressure & ApplicationTesting Conditions
Pressure psi (MPa)Solution Concentr. (PPm)Recovery Rate (%)
Household RO MembraneUM1812-5099.050(0.2)Working under extremely low pressure. Applicable to residential   water purifier and water purifying devices in hospital and laboratory water   treatment with TDS lower than 500 ppm.60 (0.41)25015
UM1812-75HR99.075   (0.28)
UM1812-7597.075   (0.28)
UM-2012-100HR99.0100   (0.38)
UM-2012-10097.5100   (0.38)
Special Size
   RO Membrane
UM-2812-20097.0200(0.76)working under extremely low   pressure. Applicable to automatic water dispenser and residential drinking   fountain.100   (0.69)25020
UM-3012-30097.0300(1.14)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3012-40097.0400(1.51)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3013-40097.0400(1.51)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3012-50097.0500(1.89)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3013-50097.0500(1.89)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3013-60097.0600(2.27)100   (0.69)25020
UM-3013-70097.0700(2.65)100   (0.69)25020

Test conditions: Test pressure: 100 psi (0.69Mpa)

Test fluid temperature: 25 °C

Test solution concentration (NaCI): 250ppm

pH value of test solution: 7.5

Single membrane element recovery rate: 20%

Extreme usage conditions

Maximum operating pressure: 300psi (2.07Mpa)

Maximum inlet water temperature: 45°C

Maximum water intake SDI: 5

Influent free chlorine concentration: <0.1 ppm

Influent pH range during continuous operation: 3~10

pH range of inlet water during chemical cleaning: 2~ 12

Maximum pressure drop of a single membrane element: 10psi (0.07Mpa)

Membrane element size

All units of the icon are: mm (inch)

Product Advantages

1. High desalination and water reuse rates, and can retain solutes with particle sizes of several nanometres or more.

2. The separation of solutes and water can be carried out at room temperature without phase change, which is suitable for the separation and concentration of heat-sensitive substances and has lower energy consumption compared to separation methods with phase change.

3. The use of low pressure as the membrane separation power, so the separation device is simple, easy to operate, maintain and self-control, site safety and health.

4. Reverse osmosis membrane separation technology has a wide range of impurity removal.

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