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China's private enterprises in Nigeria development status, problems and suggestions

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Nigeria, as the second largest export market and important trading partner country in Africa, has attracted many domestic private enterprises to develop in Nigeria.

The development situation and prospects of our private enterprises in Nigeria

1. Development situation

At present, the development of my private enterprises in Nigeria has the following characteristics.

(a), the number of private enterprises and the number of employees than in the past has increased significantly.

(2) The business field is expanding, from trade and catering to shoes, bags, plastic products, hardware and building materials, food processing and many other productive fields.

(3), the scale of investment continues to expand.

2. Development Prospects

At present, my private enterprises in Nigeria are operating in good condition, especially some production-oriented enterprises have very good development prospects. On the other hand, our manufacturing industry is developing rapidly and is also relatively developed. Therefore, there is a good basis for cooperation between Chinese and Nigerian enterprises.

The successful experience and lessons learned

1.Successful experience

The development process of our private enterprises in Nepal has accumulated more successful experience, which can be summarized as follows.

(a) has a relatively flexible market operation mechanism.

(2) have the courage to develop the spirit.

(3) has a certain competitive advantage.

(D) has a better employment mechanism.

2. Lessons

At present, I should learn a lot of lessons from private enterprises in Nepal. First of all, the lack of sufficient understanding of the risks of investment in Nigeria, resulting in a momentary difficulty in recovering investment funds. A diplomat who has been working in Nigeria for many years said when describing the business opportunities in Nigeria that Nigeria is windy and deep water with fish. This shows that Nigeria has a lot of business opportunities and great market potential, but at the same time full of various risks.

Problems faced and existed

1. Problems of Nigeria's investment environment

(A) backward infrastructure.

(2) Changing policies and lack of continuity.

(3) The social security situation is serious.

(4) Corruption, low efficiency.

2. The problems of our private enterprises themselves

(a) Some product quality needs to be improved.

Quality is the life of the enterprise, good or bad quality is directly related to the survival and development of enterprises.

(B) the internal improper competition between.

Many of my private enterprises are often driven by their own interests, rarely consider the long-term, overall, the overall interests.

(C) the problem of irregular business.

Some enterprises, driven by profits, are desperate to import some prohibited products for sale in the Nigerian market through improper means. This is not allowed by Nepalese law, if not effectively stopped, will inevitably endanger the healthy development of economic and trade relations between China and Nepal.

(D) Legal residence status.

The Nigerian government stipulates that only foreign-owned enterprises or joint ventures with an investment of 10 million naira or more can be granted a certain number of work visa quotas, and it is not allowed to convert business visas into work visas.

(E) The quality of personnel needs to be improved.

The quality of the staff is related to the long-term development and rise and fall of the enterprise. At present, the quality of my private enterprises in Nigeria staff varies.

Suggestions and measures

1. Strengthen the understanding of Nepalese policies and regulations, improve the awareness of risk prevention.

2. Continuously improve product quality.

3 choose a good investment projects, ways and partners.

4, to strengthen the guidance and services of my private enterprises.

5. Strengthen the internal coordination of our enterprises to avoid vicious competition.

6. Increase support for private enterprises in terms of policies and funds.

In short, the overall development of my private enterprises in Nigeria is relatively good. Although there are still some problems of one kind or another, but as long as this can be correctly guided, standardized operation, at the same time, further improve the internal management, and constantly improve the competitiveness of the product market, my private enterprises in Nigeria will be able to continue to develop and grow, and achieve fruitful results.