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8 Inch Seawater Ro Membrane Price

It is suitable for the treatment of seawater and highly concentrated brackish water, and can be used for various industrial water treatment such as seawater desalination, desalination of highly concentrated brackish water, boiler make-up water for power plants, as well as for various applications such as reuse of waste water, concentration and recovery of high value-added substances such as food and pharmaceuticals.

Brief Introduction

This series of membrane elements features low operating pressure, small investment in equipment, good and stable desalination performance. With a maximum desalination rate of 99.85%, seawater of different salinities can be desalinated into fresh water for direct consumption. In addition to the very high desalination rate, the feed water temperature range is also extended, reducing the cost of system operation.

Specifications and Major Properties


Average Permeated Flow GPD (m3/d)

Stable Rejection Rate (%)

Minimum Rejection Rate (%)

IWL 21-8040 10000(37.8) 99.5 99.2
IML 22-8040 1 1000(41.5) 99.5 99.2
IWL 21-4040 2500(9.4) 99.5 99.2

Testing Conditions:

Testing Pressure: 225 psi (1.55Mpa)

Temperature of Testing Solution: 25°C

Concentration of Testing Solution (NaCl): 2000ppm

pH Value of Testing Solution: 7.5

Recovery Rate of Single Membrane Element: 15%

Extreme Operation Conditions

Max. Working Pressure: 600psi(4. 14Mpa)

Max. Feedwater Flow: 75gpm(17 m3/h) (8040)

16gpm (3.6 m3/h) (4040)

Max. Feedwater T emperature: 45°C

Max. Feedwater SDI: 5

Residual chlorine Concentration of Feedwater: < 0.1ppm

pH Range of Feedwater during Continuous Operation: 3~10

pH Range of Feedwater during Chemical Cleaning: 2~12

Max. Pressure Drop of Single Membrane Element: 15psi(0.1Mpa)

Dimensions of Membrane Element

All dimensions are shown in: millimeter (inch)

Dimensions of Membrane Element (1)

Dimensions of Membrane Element (2)


1. Electric power industry water heat, thermal power generation boiler plant and mining enterprises, medium and low pressure boiler power, feed water system.

2. Chemical industry water chemical reaction cooling, chemical agents, fertilizer and fine chemical, cosmetics manufacturing process water system.  

3. Beverage industry water drinking pure water, natural water, beverages, low wine blending water, pure draft beer filtration, etc.

4. Public water treatment system desalination, schools, communities, hotels, real estate properties, water plants and other quality water supply network systems.

5. Seawater desalination drinking water supply platform for sea docks, island water, etc.

6.Highly salty and bitter water RO system for recycling and zero drainage system.