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UMEK Reverse Osmosis Membrane Product Introduction

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Classification: industrial and household

Hot-selling models: industrial hot-selling is ulp4040, bw4040, etc., household hot-selling is 50GPD/75GPD/100GPD


Color: The membrane sheet is white

Application: As the most important link in the reverse osmosis system, because the pore size of the membrane is very small, only 0.1 nm, it can effectively remove dissolved salts, colloids, microorganisms, organic matter, etc. in the water.

Production and process: 

The diaphragm is rolled from the following three layers

1. Non-woven fabric (polyester material reinforced non-woven fabric)

2. Grid (porous intermediate support layer of polysulfone material)

3. Membrane bag (polyamide material ultra-thin separation layer)

UMEK UMEK has more than 25 years of experience, with production, research and development, sales as one of the professional manufacturers of RO (reverse osmosis) membrane and RO equipment, widely used in Bottled water, municipal drinking water, industrial pure water, electronic high-purity water, seawater desalination, brackish water treatment, wastewater reuse, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, power plant water treatment, cooling water treatment, etc.

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