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4 inch RO membrane-Reverse Osmosis Elements

Residential and small RO systems typically use 4-inch membranes because of their compact size and sufficient water production capacity to meet demand.Commercial and industrial systems may utilize larger membrane sizes to meet higher demand.

4 inch RO membrane-Reverse Osmosis Elements

The size of the RO membrane refers to its diameter. A 4 inch membrane has a smaller diameter compared to larger options like 8 inch or 16 inch membranes. The larger the diameter, the greater the surface area available for filtration. This means that larger membranes generally have higher water production rates and can handle higher flow rates.

The 4 inch size is commonly used in residential and commercial RO systems. It is versatile enough for a variety of applications from homes to small businesses and large water treatment facilities. The high compatibility of the 4 inch RO membranes offered by UMEK ensures that they are suitable for any RO system that accommodates 4 inch membranes.

UMEK 4-inch membrane has more usable membrane area, and its interception rate is higher than ordinary RO membranes on the market, which can effectively remove impurities and pollutants, ensuring cleaner water and more in line with corporate use standards.